About Us

Imagine a world where objects carry special powers, where a home accessory piece or furniture item could bring happiness and joy to space?

That’s exactly what Mushy, an e-commerce platform in Dubai is selling a mix of playful and charming design objects, home décor and furniture.

Launched in early November 2023 coinciding with Dubai Design Week, Mushy was co-founded by Dina Adlouni, a brand and creative consultant with years of experience in luxury marketing and Tarlan Vaziri Farahani, an architect who also runs her architectural firm Tee Vee Eff.

Like its name, a word coined by its co-founders to mean “excessively sentimental,” through their unique aesthetic the products Mushy sells are at once endearing, joyful and charismatic.

They are meant to emanate positive, passionate and inspiring sentiments.

The e-commerce site also offers a platform for emerging designers and artists to showcase products that bring joy to all.

Their vision is to provide young and established designers, with the opportunity to better showcase their creative goods and for clients, to provide pieces that are at once beautiful, happy and simply put, Mushy. 

Mushy is also about generating moments of reflection and tranquility.

As the world becomes increasingly fast paced through technology and the digital sphere, Mushy offers a home for one-of-a-kind products made with heart and soul that transmit joy and purpose.

It is meant to encourage customers to cherish special items with a personal and collective heritage and meaning.

Every product found on Mushy has a sentimental significance.

Every item is created with love and joy with the purpose of emitting to the world the same playful, carefree, charismatic and happy nature.